#UltimateHouseParty Tips

You've been watching #UltimateHouseParty for 10 weeks, and Castle Lite has put together 10 tips for your own house party!

25 May 2018

After ten weeks of dressing up for themes, eating snacks, getting down to dope beats, and throwing the ultimate house parties, Castle Lite have collected a ton of useful info that will help you do #LiteNite right. Because when you have your crew over, you don’t want the night to be lukewarm – you want it to be Extra Cold!

Tip #1: Start your Lite Nite with a warm welcome to make your guests feel at ease.

Tip #2: Be an Extra Cold host and make sure your guests are comfortable and have everything they need to have a good night.

Tip #3: You don’t want your guests to get bored, so you gotta bring on the fun. Keep them entertained!

Tip #4: A good theme really sets the tone for the night. It helps your guests have fun, relax and let loose a little.

Tip #5: No venue, no Lite Nite. If you want to stay in with your crew, you gotta make sure your crib suits your needs.

Tip #6: You’ve got to keep the people fed! Hungry guests are unhappy guests. Whether it’s light snacks or a full-on meal, you’ve got to let them know what they’re in for.

Tip #7: Music sets the tone for your Lite Nite. Chilled beats or some dope dance tracks, your music will let your guests know what to do with their booties – shake or sit on ‘em.

Tip #8: Going out and hanging out with people you don’t know can be awkward. The best times are when you’re with your crew. So make sure your Lite Nite is packed with good people, good people make a good party.

Tip #9: If you’ve got a guest of honour, you’ve got to keep them happy. Because if the guest of honour is having a good time, everyone else feeds off their energy and has a good time too.

Tip #10: No one likes warm beer. Make sure you get some Castle Lites and you keep them Extra Cold. That way all your guests will be happy and your night will be extraordinary.


Follow these ten tips and your Lite Nite is sure to be legit.

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