Project Runway Hits the Streets of Maboneng

The designers took to the streets Maboneng to find inspiration for the Electric Jungle themed runway. We saw some designers assume their role as blessers, Twitter fangirl over Miahs’ looks and the birth of a new meme eSatafrika.

18 July 2018

Making it Work

This was the designers first week buying their own fabric, they were given R1000 for fabric shopping and while it was more than enough for some, others had some difficult decisions to make. We think Project Runway SA should provide a financial advisor for the designers because they need a lesson in frugality.

Blessers and Blessees

Being broke didn’t stop the designers from being determined to get their fabric out of the store. Vuyiswa had extra money in the bank and she kindly gave it away to those in need. Miahs on the other hand became dzaddy Miahs and made Sandile twerk for that fabric. The things we do in Joburg right?

Spice King          

As the weeks go by we are bound to get a taste of each designer’s personality but we think we have found the king of spice for Project Runway SA…Siphosihle. Siphosihle came out guns blazing yesterday making sure not to filter a single comment from his vertically challenged model to Miahs’ outfit not being aesthetically pleasing.

Miahs the Snack

Although it was the last episode for Miahs, we are sure that you definitely prepped up his ego with all of the comments about him being snack-worthy. Perhaps he will now start modelling the clothes he designs.

New Meme Alert

Excellent created a look for the Electric Jungle runway that didn’t have bottoms While Gert calmly expressed that he needs to cover the model’s bum, Excellent did not have enough time and sent her down the runway bottomless. Needless to say, Lerato was shooketh when she saw the model turn around and in that moment a new meme was born.

All She Does is Win Win Win

Kentse won the Electric Jungle runway proving that she needs to give lectures on how to secure the bag. In the episode she stated that she knows that she is a threat and her second win shows that she has the talent to back her up.

Goodbye Miahs

At the end of the day this is a competition and every week we will bid adieu to a designer. Last night Miahs was eliminated perpetuating the curse that TK started, the first to finish in the workroom will leave that episode. We hope Miahs all of the best!

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