Project Runway Celebrates Women

In the most competitive runway yet, Sandile gets his first win and no one gets eliminated.

08 August 2018

An Ode to Women

In accordance with Women’s Month, this episode was dedicated to the mbokodo’s in the lives of the designers. They had gone five weeks without being in contact with their loved ones and it was an emotional affair when Gert and Lerato told them they would have a chance to see and talk to their mbokodo's. No eye in the room was left dry, it also seems the country cried along with the designers.


Battle of the Red Garments

The designers were tasked with creating high fashion designs that represent the women in their lives. At the fabric store Sihle, Kireshen and Gugu all opted to go for the colour of power… red, and thus began the battle of the red garments. It became more than just a design challenge. Sihle came out with guns blazing with snappy commentary comparing his dress to champagne, Kireshen’s to vodka and Gugu’s outfit to uhm a brown bottle beverage. Shots fired!


Sihle’s Commentary

Sihle came for everyone’s edges last night, not stopping at his brown bottle comment. It’s been five weeks into the competition and Sihle doesn’t know Kireshen’s name, hebanna! He renamed him Alicia, starting something on the Twitter streets. We would just like to re-iterate that his name is Kireshen, Ki-re-shen.​

​Sihle believes the competition is getting to everyone. He got into a fight with his alliance partners over various object, firstly a chair with Sandile and then scissors with Gift. It’s apparent that Sihle is not here for small objects, he wants the Lexus honey!


Competition is Rough

The designers absolutely outdid themselves in last night’s runway. The designers came to slay with every design created being the epitome of perfection. They displayed the array of talent they have making it very difficult for the judges to decide who the winner should be, and we are glad we are not judges because WOW!


Sandile Secures the Bag

Sandile took this runway with his Zion high fashion dress inspired by his mother, or as he aptly described it, “Zion and thimomo”.


No One Goes Home

With Gift, Gugu and Kentse in the bottom three we were all preparing ourselves for an emotional departure when in an unexpected twist of events, no one was eliminated. We all breathed a sigh of relief as all of our faves sailed through to week six of the competition.


The Long Wait

That sadly brought us to the end of the episode and we have to wait until next week to get our next dose of Project Runway SA, cues tears. We all wish we could take our explora remotes and fastforward to next week


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