Project Runway Brings King Tha

The designers put on their afro fusion meets steam punk hats on as they created designs for the legendary King Tha.

01 August 2018

King Tha

Project Runway brings out all of the stops all the time, it is the definition of ska ba fa chance, ska ba hemisa! This week the designers had to create a steam punk and afro fusion design for none other than the legendary King Tha. The designers were super excited to have a chance to possibly dress her and the rest of us were just as happy to see her beauty grace our screens.

New Meme Alert

We can’t have a Project Runway episode without the birth of a new meme. Mother AKA Lerato, our host with the most, has been responsible for the creation of a new meme in the past episodes, but last night Sandile took the baton. In true competition style, alliances are being formed and Sandile had a word of wisdom for the kids: ‘dear children, the game has changed’.

Project Survivor

The designers have formed alliances and we are not entirely sure how they work, from what we have read on Twitter, it seems you are as lost as we are. From what we have gathered, these alliances run the model picking line but how far they will go, we shall wait with baited breath to see.

Twice in a Row Gift

Gift took the win again with his Khoi futuristic design. He used his favourite material hessian to bring through elements of his heritage and leather to look to the future. The judges remarked that the design made the model look like she was from Wakanda, the African utopia.

Hamba Kahle Vuyisa

With so much fun we sometimes forget that it is a competition and there can only be one winner. This week Vuyisa walked off the runway for the last time in this competition, leaving two females. We will miss her creative spirit, blue hair and her twerk sessions with Gift.

Si ya Trenda

Seku obviaaas mara thanks to you Project Runway SA trended again. Thank you for going on this fabulous design journey with us, eight more designers to go until we crown the first winner of Project Runway SA! You too can win amazing prizes all you have to do is enter.


Catch Project Runway SA on Tuesday at 21:30 and catch the repeats on Saturdays at 15:30 and on Mondays at 22:00.