Paxton & Craig make magic in the studio

The big winners of South Africa's biggest reality shows joined forces for a heart-wrenching ballad titled, 'Smother' and it's making waves across SA

23 February 2018

From the moment Craig Lucas debuted the album art for 'Smother' featuring our teen pop phenom we new something special was happening. Their duet, 'Smother' has since stormed the charts of every station in SA from Kfm to Jacaranda going as high as No. 8 in meer weeks.

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It's not just airplay either because their effort managed to garner enough sales for a Top 3 debut in both the Google Play Store and on iTunes. Whether you're still in the dark and haven't heard this gem or just want to get into the raw, studio vocals here's a clip they just dropped performing the hit live. You can also have listen as they unpack the inspiration behind the record after the jump.

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