Upping The Ante: What The Judges Look Out For

Success is near for those who know just what to do to win the judges over one last time.

09 August 2018

Theatre Week, oh Theatre Week! The dreaded series of days where judges raise the bar for the Idols hopefuls in a bid to see who can stand the heat and earn their place in the Top 16.

This season things have been even more intense as some contestants found themselves heading back to their cities before the ink on their boarding pass even dried. A quick fire audition quickly cut those who were ill prepared and served as a sharp reminder to the remaining that the judges weren’t here to play. Things had just got very real!

But it’s not all doom and gloom for the Idols contestants as the judges are ever willing to share insights into what exactly is required to beat the odds and clinch a spot in the tightly contested Top 16.

Here’s a few words from the wise


Leave the tepidness at the door! Sis Unathi needs explosive energy, larger than life performances and for contestants to dig deep to deliver their all. It’s not everyday one gets to perform for the votes of the nation so to earn it, you have to bring it!

Conquering those nerves is also of the utmost importance as the margin for error is next to none. Stage fright can no longer be an excuse and nothing short of amazing will be accepted.

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The Judges


Growth and transformation ranks high on the list for SomGaga. The judge who witnessed Karabo blossom and emerge from his shell in Season 11 is looking for the same development this time round. Can their contests go from being nobody’s and pull out the somebody within? Only time will tell.

A crash landing though is also a very real reality for those who dare to fly to close to the sun. So measured restraint as just as important as laying it all on the table lest they falter then crash and burn!


Twists and turns with unexpected curve balls are the name of the game this season, especially in Theatre Week, which is why Randall is largely looking at how the contestants navigate new dynamics. When that fight or flight response kicks in what will the contestants do? Can they face the challenge head on or will they dash their own dreams?

Knowledge is power and the tools for success have been handed to the contestants by the judges. Question is, who will make use of them wisely?

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