The 'not-so-official' rules according to Proverb

It was all laughs on the Idols set as Proverb played principal with his rulebook.

24 July 2018

This past Sunday while searching for stars in Pretoria, the Idols judges decided to push the needle a slightly and have a little fun. Their hilarious antics ranged from swapping their judging seats with Proverb to whipping out an entire air horn to literally blow away unlucky contestants.

Luckily though if there’s one man who can get them back on track, it’s Proverb, and whip them into place he did! With his trust ‘rule’ book, the Idols host and executive producer laid down the law in tummy tickling fashion with some truly ridiculous rules.

You won’t believe some of them unless you see them!

Rule 26-B: The role of host and executive producer.

In the event that the host is also the executive producer, said host may not influence the judging panel nor may he/she influence the judging panel.

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Rule 26

Rule 1767-B: Use of an air horn

In the event that a judge feels it necessary to stop an audition abruptly, said judge may make use of an air horn to get the contestants attention.

1532434900 34 screen shot 2018 07 24 at 13.26.39
Rule 1767

Rule 1767-B(2): Use of an air horn (continued)

The air horn may only be used a total of five times.

1532436133 34 screen shot 2018 07 24 at 13.40.30
Rule 1767

Rule 0031: Cumulative Yeses

In the event that a contestant received a ‘Yes’ in a season prior, said ‘Yes’ can not be carried over into the next season.

And the most important rule,

Rule 0001-A: The First Rule of Idols

It is imperative for all viewers to be comfortably seated by 17:30 on the day of the week known as Sunday. Said viewers must switch their TV sets to DStv channel 161 and prepare to be thoroughly entertained. A boring Sunday is not permitted.

And there you have it! The not-so-official rules of Mzansi's favourite singing competition!

Join us this Sunday as we head to the Johannesburg auditions! Who will shine bright in the city of gold?

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