No Golden Ticket, No Worries: Five Other Music Career Options

From songwriting to executive producing, there's a multitude of career options for music hopefuls!

19 July 2018

As time and experience has shown, it’s no easy feat getting the minimum of three yeses required to receive a gold ticket and head to theatre week. With thousands of contestants and the bar higher than a crane in Sandton’s skyline, it simply gets tougher and tougher to make it through.

Thankfully though, even if you don’t run out the audition room screaming and jumping for joy, there are other music related careers you can give a shot! Here are five sectors in sound you can give a shot!


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If you’re as gifted with a pen as you are with your voice, then a career in writing songs might be the way to go. Having a way with words opens you up to the incredible earning opportunities of royalties plus you can pen hits for as many artists and genres as you like. The possibilities are endless! Of course, if you’re looking for fame to then this may not be the one for you as songwriters are relatively unknown but just remember the richest songwriter in the world, Andrew Lloyd Webber is worth USD$1.2BILLION!


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If the big bucks aren’t for you and you simply want to do it for the love then maybe you’ll find beauty in busking. The age old art of singing in the streets is the perfect way to be a part of the people without the frills of stardom. You never know whose day you might cheer up with your riveting rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on a gloomy day

Executive Producer

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Even if your own music career has stalled that doesn’t mean you can’t help someone else flourish. As an executive producer your role would entail overseeing the production of an artist’s album and helping them find that magic. With your superior knowledge you can help them craft the next classic and still carve yourself your own little piece of history.  


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What about being your very own Randall or Unathi? As an A&R (Artists and Repertoire) it’s your job to go out there and find the next big star for a record label. If you could spot the talent in yourself then you can probably see it in others too! Maybe you’re Mzansi’s very own Lyor Cohen.

Session Musician

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One of the key pieces of the production process is a team of session musicians. What do they do you ask? Well a session musician is basically talent for hire. They come in and add everything from backing vocals to a sizzling guitar riff. Much like songwriting, it may not come with the fame but it’s perfect for embracing your gift and living of it.

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