Laughter, Tears & Glory: Theatre Week Begins

While some buckled under the pressure, others channeled that energy into breathtaking performances and Mzansi definitely noticed!

06 August 2018

Theatre Week 2018 is officially under way and our Judges have commensed the gruelling task of whittling down 95 hopefuls to the Top 16 you will rally behind. So how'd things kick off last night? As ever, with a taxing solo audition and immediate elimination on Day One. This time however, the Judges compounded the pressure by playing a thoroughly confusing game of musical chairs so no one would have a clue what their fate was.

After a little shuffling, the cryptic puzzle soon unravelled. Everyone was asked to look under their seat & while some found vouchers for a stay at the hotel, others were greeted with a home-bound bus ticket. Tears & heartbreak ensued but the eliminated contestants still found the fortitude to applaud the ones who'd made it through!

As we all know, things move at whirlwind pace during Theatre Week. Before most could even compose themselves, it was time to rehearse for duets which (given that it's just two people) had some feeling quite exposed. In fact, it proved to be too much pressure for quite a few contestants leading people to go into hiding and miss rehearsals. Some of you empathised but others felt this was just plain selfish.

With so much stress, poor sleep & panic, it was inevitable that we'd see quite a few great singers stumble over their lyrics. While the Judges acknowledged that people were a lot more prepared than in years past, we still witnessed quite a few slip-ups on stage. Some empathised with their struggling faves but others simply got their life!

That said, some diamonds-in-the-rough only got buffed by the pressure and managed to outshine the rest. SERIOUSLY, some of these duets were so phenomenal that people are already declaring winners for the season! Somizi even gave his first, "Wooshem" to King B & Ntokozo who managed to steal the night with a spirited performance of 'Runnin (Lose It All)'.

The Judges were not quite done with the unprecedented twists however! Right at the end of the episode, Unathi convinced Somizi and Randall to bring back two guys they'd eliminated for messing up words as she felt they'd give "strong Solo Performances". Their identity remains a mystery but we're keen to know who you're hoping gets saved. Yes, it's a long wait, but in the meantime, get to know the rest of the Solo Round contestants because trust us, they are a fascinating bunch.

Theatre Week kicks off this Sunday (5 August) at 17:30 on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161. Get exclusive updates as all the action unfolds by following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.