Famous songs you've been singing wrong!

It's easy to sit and judge the contestants who stumble over their lyrics during Theatre Week but as it turns out, a lot of us have been butchering our favourite songs too.

10 August 2018

We reached out to you on IG earlier this week to find out which songs you'd been singing wrong all your lives. As expected, the answers we got ran the gamut from hilarious to straight up shocking! If anything, we're hoping it helps you empathise a little with last week's eliminated contestants. Going by some of the answers, nailing the lyrics while listening casually already seems hard enough. Imagine how tough it must be then to take a song you've never heard and knock it out of the park after a few hours of rehearsal. No matter which side of the fence you're on however, we hope you enjoy a good chuckle to this Idols SA edition of the funniest, misheard lyrics.

Venga Boys - Ibiza

Forget beach parties and sunny skies - This Venga Boys classic from the late 90s only made this particular follower really hungry!

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Zahara - Loliwe

Zahara's timeless gem, 'Loliwe' is one we've all probably been singing wrong. We were so shook we had to ask the IG fam to confirm if this was true. We're still sceptical though.

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Brenda Fassie - Weekend Special

Enter another South African treasure, 'Weekend Special' by Brenda Fassie! Given that the legendary singer was famously bold, frank and a strong character, "I'm NO Weekend special' actually does make more sense!

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Please don't do Rihanna like this guys! 🤣🤣🤣

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And yes, despite mad airplay & getting covered numerous times on Idols, even Amanda Black's 'Amazulu' was not spared.

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Got any misheard lyrics of your own? Share them with us on Twitter using #IdolsSA. Hopefully our Top 31 fair much better when they hit the stage this week as it's their last chance to impress the Judges and secure a Top 16 spot. Find out who excels and who falls flat this Sunday!

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