Why Gracious and Harriet would make a killer team

With one common enemy in sight, it only makes sense that TGOM and Harriet would make a killer team

01 August 2018

It’s always an exciting time for Queenville when Gracious Mabuza and Harriet Khoza are in one room. The two drug queens have a lot more in common than their body counts. Right now, the biggest common enemy is Diamond Mabuza. After losing one of their own to his ruthless scheming, we hope these two officially team up!

We give you other reasons why these two would make such baddie besties: 

They both beat the jail system

Which set of besties can say they have both been trailed for murder, did some jail time and got away with it? Our baddies are the most beautiful jail birds we have ever seen! Plus, they survived jail time without champagne, caviar and extensive beauty regimes…so we bow!

They have had more hits on their lives than the presidential body

These two have attempted to kill the other so many times, they now have state security. Body guards on speed dial, bullet proof vest and cars – all befitting for the presidential party. Maybe if they were besties they would actually spend less money trying to stay alive!

They could merge their empires

Honestly, we’re getting tired of the Big Five jumping ship whenever they feel like it. The besties could merge their drug empire, connections and skills to make them the most powerful supplier in the East rand. Like a wise girl once said, ‘What’s the point of having friends if they can’t help you make millions?’

More gun scenes 

There is no two ways about this, we want the death of our favourite uncle and the steaming looking Mabuza son...to be avenged! If Harriet and TGOM team up, we know that this would only make for lit scenes!  We would love to see an action packed gun scene with Diamond and the two baddies! 

We hope that season 3 gives us a miracle, we don't want to pick between these two queens - we want them both! If we can't do anything about Malume Brutus, we hope they atleast give us this!