The Queen: 5 Reasons Why Mrs Khoza Can't Die

Our beloved Mrs K has been shot by Diamond, and is hanging on for her dear life.

11 September 2018

Diamond has proved to be Mzansi's most evil villain by putting a bullet into his own niece, Mmabatho. Mmabatho is unfortunately caught in between the drug war between her family members and she might pay for it with her life. Ater witnessing an emotional Shaka pray to God and declare all the beautiful things they are yet to share as newly weds, we hope this is not the end! 

We give 5 few reasons why the sweet and innocent doctor's time can't be up: 

1. Diamond can't have another win

We have stanned Diamond forever, but he's been doing the most! He has killed off Gift,  killed Shaka's first wife, left the Khoza's and Mabuza's with no drug business and is the reason our beloved uncle is in a wheelchair. He's been winning! Although, we don't want him killed off - he just needs to chill with the coffins. Mmabatho's death can't be a win for him! 

2. Shaka has been through the most

Diamond is already responsible for Linda's death and we don't think Shaka can take another loss! The future is still bright for him and Mrs Khoza and we totally love how invested  Shaka is in this marriage! This matrimony has made Shaka a new man and we love to see his vulnerable side. 

3. Mmabatho is the glue that holds it altogether

Without Mmabatho we are certain Gracious will launch an entire war on the Khoza family and blame them for her death! They Khoza's have prolonged Diamonds’ killing due to Harriet Khoza's decision to negotiate for the Colombian contacts. There would be no sweet Mmabatho to join the families together and no one will be the voice of reason! 

4. Mmabatho saves lives so she deserves to live

Mmabatho has dedicated her life to saving others, it's only fair that she live so she can go on and save many more lives! Anyone as pure hearted and sweet as her deserves to live to see another day. 

5. If she dies there won't be a Baby Khoza

The newly weds still want to experience a lot of things together and we think the Khoza's deserve some happiness in the form of a new bundle of joy. Mmabatho has to live so she can give us Khoza babies that look just as gorgeous as their parents! We need to expand the lineage with a Khoza and Mabuza mix. 

Mrs Khoza has brought us weddings, break up's and make up's and most importantly love! Why would we ever want to see her die? Stay tuned to The Queen week days at 9pm to see how it all goes down!