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Baby Gatsheni has the best mother ever! We tell you why!

29 August 2018

We know Thandeka is a wonderful wife, but she absolutely excels as a mother. From slaying witches to never giving up - she is Mzansi'd best mother ever! 

1. She is the real commander of the Baby Gatsheni Rescue Mission

You might think Fezile; with his commanding fearless fighting in the frontline; is the commander of the Baby Gatsheni  Rescue Mission. However, if you really think about it, Thandeka has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

When the team thought of giving up, Thandeka was there demanding her son be brought back alive. When the team thought they could rest, Thandeka was not about that life!

Remember when she woke Sbu up at 4am to find Baby Gatsheni???

2. She always had a plan...even when she was sidelined

So many times Thandeka was told ot stay at home, at her parent's house, in the helicopter. Did she listen? No! Instead she generated a number of plans that worked to get her closer to finding her baby. 

Remember when she put herself right in the lion's den to drug Sihle to get the truth out of her? Pretending to be Sihle's friend is no small feat! 

Abafana bethu! - Thandeka Zungu-Ndlovu 

3. She always had a plan... even when Sbu was out for the count! 

Thandeka is not one to shy away from a challenge just because her husband has taken a gunshot wound. She will either find a way to raise him from the dead or go out on the baby finding mission by herself. While her father, Mpiyakhe was complaining about Jozini being to far to go to without a plan while Baby Gatsheni was mere seconds from being sliced open like a fish, Thandeka organised a helicopter to go get her son. 

4. She is always right on time.

When Sbu forgot the magic potion that would deactivate Nkabinde's home shield, Thandeka was right on time with it. When Sbu was busy taking Nkabinde out and Nkanyamba was about to take him out, Thandeka was right on time to take Nkanyamba out and save her husband. 

5. She loves Siya just as much as Thandolwethu!

You'd think that maybe after finding her biological son, Thandeka would want nothing to do with Londeka's son. But Thandeka understands the innocence of children and she has a heart as big as her smile. Now little Siya may have lost a mother, but he has gained Mzansi's best mother. 

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