4 Reasons why Oskido and Benjemina need to make up

It's an emergency! Our dear Oscar is going through a mid life crisis, so we need Benjemina to take him back.

31 August 2018

Don't get us wrong, we know the 'Oscar and Benjemina' love was never easy,  alot of people could even call Benjemina 'too controlling', 'bossy' and 'demanding', and that's probably why he wanted solace in Chunks! But we think marriage was good for Oscar, we give our reasons why the two need to get it together already! 

1. Single life is making him look like a Skhothane

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Single life is alot for Oscar, his image drastically took a turn for the worst! One could easily mistaken our dear Oscar for a 45 - year old 'skhothane'! Single life calls for a switch up in the fashion department, but Oskido just didn't get it right. 

2. Oscar is trouble for roommate Tiro 

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Roommate Tiro is shook

Oscar has tried calling Benjemina but she just won't answer her phone! This means he is willing to try anything to grab her attention. His last stunt involves him covering himself in baby oil and tiny underwear in order to seduce her with appealing photographs. Poor Tiro had to take the pictures to ensure his new roomie moves out sooner rather than later! 

3. He'll be broke soon 

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If Benjemina doesn't come back soon enough, Oscar will spend their life savings on alcohol! Ask any man, getting back in the dating game will cost you! His new life now entails painting the town red every night .He's learning the hard way that some girls, only care about the cocktails and tequilla shots. 

4. Korobela is doing the most! 

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Oscar has new dance moves and a new name given by his new Braam groupies! 'Young Korobela' who we believe is at the center of his midlife crisis. 

Catch Twitter reactions to Korobela here: 

Benjemina better come get her man before it's too late!

It seems like Korobela has Twitters approval! Be sure to tune into Isithembiso weekdays at 7:30 pm to see if Benjemina and Oscar make up!