Living Legends: Skwatta Kamp release music video tribute

On Friday, the living legends released the video to "There You go", a tribute to the late Flabba.

23 July 2018

Skwatta Kamp was recently featured on Mzansi Magic Music's Living Legends, with fellow 'Moya' collaborator Relo. The Living Legend series is an inspiring platform that allows artists to influence the narrative around their legacy and achievements - while still alive! 

The alumni include legends such as Lira, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Bra Hotsix Mabuse; and it was no surprise to see Skwatta Kamp become a part of this series. When the 7 - member hip hop group released ‘Mkhukhu Funkshen’ in 2003, it was the beginning of a whole new era for the hip hop industry.

It was always captivating as you met the members – verse by verse, lyrically and poetically paving their own identity in a song. No other two members ever had the same flow, style or finesse. Room for more than one talent in one song meant groups such as ‘985' could launch in 2006 without any resistance. We have since seen the likes of ‘Cash Time’ , 'Tear Gas' and many more emerge from what Skwatta Kamp started. 

The popularity and impact of the 'Clap song' hitmakers was solely born from radio play and music video channels. Having peaked in the early 2000’s, with no social media influence, we can’t downplay the magnitude of their accolades and achievements.

In 2015, the group lost Nkuleleko ‘Flabba’ Habedi to a fatal stabbing incident and although they had not been in studio since 2003, this affected the group and his musical peers greatly. The group has since announced their plans to release a greatest hit album and dropped a tribute to Flabba called ‘There You Go’.

On Friday, the music video for this touching tribute was dropped and we love everything it stands for – everything they continue to stand for.