A Double Elimination Looms

The numbers are getting smaller, but the parties are getting bigger!

17 May 2018

In the second-to-last episode of #UltiimateHouseParty, one of the remaining four contenders for the R150,000 will be throwing a party, and the Wheel of Fate is back in play!

If the person hosting doesn’t get eliminated, they’ll be able to take an additional R3,000 into next week’s finale. If the host gets eliminated, they are able to nominate another finalist to receive the cash.

The party will be organized for a very special guest client, who also gets to choose the theme. The guest will also decide who, along with the host, will be up for elimination. And upping the ante, the event will be hosted in an area none of the Top 4 are familiar with, making getting guests a huge problem!

It isn’t long before contestants and client clash. She has her own DJ and doesn’t even want DJ Tira’s Afrotainment crew to perform, and her personal preference for a performer is thousands of miles away in Dubai!

We haven’t had issues with venues for a while on #UltimateHouseParty, but that’s about to change, and basically things are rough from the get-go! Eventually though, and with help from the client’s family, things get going, and the guest of honour seems pleased. She also looks like Thembisile from Zola’s ‘Don’t Cry’, according to Mo. Even sweeter, Mo knows the client’s mom – it’s his mother’s best friend!

However, some of the client’s personal preferences hamper proceedings, and that’ll be on our Fantastic Four… It’s then time for the client to choose someone for potential elimination, and for people to nominate who gets their R3,000 if they don’t make it.

Will Carpo say the event was ‘wack’? Will the other judges be thrilled or underwhelmed? Pap or party central? Find out on Thursday at 21:30, when the two #UltimateHouseParty finalists will be announced!