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Lokshin Bioskop: Stepfather Se Voet

13 S, N, L Sun 18 Feb 20:30

Two friends are as thick as thieves - until one of them catches the other in the warm embrace of his girlfriend! Now revenge is on the cards...


Inkinga Uben

13 L Sun 18 Feb 22:00

What began as a mission to stop her husband's wandering eye turns into a journey of self-discovery for a woman in a polygamous marriage.



16 L Sun 18 Feb 23:00

A young woman moves in with her new family after her mother passes away, only to be mistreated by her evil stepmother. Can she ever find happiness?


Do For Love

PG13 V, S Mon 19 Feb 00:00

When a woman meets the man of her dreams, she can't figure out why he chose her. Staying with him proves to be an even greater challenge.


Lokshin Bioskop: Be Mine

PG Mon 19 Feb 01:00

A teenager nearly loses the girl of his dreams after he records videos of her and uploads them on the web in an attempt to win her heart.



13 V, S, L Mon 19 Feb 02:00

An assassinator is given an assignment to take out his boss's enemy, but when he falls in love with the target, his boss decides it's time he's taught a lesson.



13 V, N, L Mon 19 Feb 03:00

A hardworking woman is thriving in both her personal and work life. However, she's forced to re-look her life when she loses everything.



13 Mon 19 Feb 04:00

After her husband dies, a woman is forced to marry one of her in-laws - according to the Zulu tradition. A bitter fight then ensues for her late husband's estate.


Lokshin Bioskop: Mgosi

13 S, L Mon 19 Feb 04:57

A young mother wants nothing more than to raise her son and work towards achieving her dreams. However, her excessive drinking is an obstacle on her path.


Lokshin Bioskop: Diamonds And Gold

PG Mon 19 Feb 06:34

A brilliant conman is tired and ready to retire, but his apprentice wants them to pull off another big scam before retiring.


Lokshin Bioskop: Payback

PG Mon 19 Feb 07:30

After many years behind bars, a man dreams of a life with his sweetheart. But the guys who betrayed him have kidnapped his love and now he's ready to take his revenge.


Umfelokazi 2

13 V, S, L Mon 19 Feb 09:02

After being punished for killing her husband, a young woman tries to re-enter civilian life as quietly as possible, that's until her hunger for revenge is triggered.



13 V, L Mon 19 Feb 10:00

Three girls find themselves faced with the hardship of township life and it seems their only way out of this life is through promiscuity.


Lokshin Bioskop: Mama Stole My Hunk

PG13 Mon 19 Feb 11:00

A young woman's unemployed boyfriend misuses their money trying to make it big as a Hollywood star. She is then forced to move back in with her mother.


Lokshin Bioskop: Second Chance

PG Mon 19 Feb 12:30

A directionless young skhotane realises his selfish decisions have jeopardised his mother's future. He embarks on a tough journey to right his wrongs, risking his reputation.


Uncle Malume

13 L Mon 19 Feb 13:30

A young man is under pressure to get married. Looking for one from church services to brothels, he realises that finding a wife is easier said than done.


Buya Tata

PG13 L Mon 19 Feb 15:02

A Cinderella drama with a kasi twist. After losing her father, a young woman finds herself in a home with a family that wants nothing to do with her.



13 L Mon 19 Feb 16:00

A young woman receives a rude awakening when the will her father left reveals that she can only get her inheritance after she gets married.


Lokshin Bioskop: Shabangu PI

PG13 Mon 19 Feb 17:01

'S1/E1 - The Case Of The Cheating Husband'. Mavis Khumalo suspects her husband of cheating and requests that Shabangu and Modise investigate.


Lokshin Bioskop: The Saints

13 V, S, L Mon 19 Feb 18:00

The head of the maximum-security prison decides to create an isolated cell block for all the intelligent and cunning prisoners to separate them from the other inmates.


Lokshin Bioskop: Nazo

PG13 S, L Mon 19 Feb 19:30

A beautiful young pickpocket is forced to embark on a journey of love and redemption after stealing the wallet of a noble and handsome stranger.