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PG13 S, L Sat 23 Jun 20:00

A man's irresponsible behaviour catches up to him when his health is compromised. Making matters worse, he's placed the life of his wife and unborn child in danger.



16 V, L Sat 23 Jun 21:30

A feisty investigative journalist takes on her biggest investigation yet: that of a serial killer preying on women and leaving a signature clue behind: red lingerie.



PG13 V, L Sat 23 Jun 22:30

A former apartheid policeman believes he was responsible for deaths during that era. When an eager journalist decides to dig around, he's forced to confront his past.


An Honest Living

PG13 V Sat 23 Jun 23:30

A man wants to keep a promise to his son. When he meets a woman who could make this possible, he's thrilled. Then she reveals what she wants in return...


Charlie Steel

16 L Sun 24 Jun 01:00

When his daughter is kidnapped for ransom, a man calls on his old friend Charlie Steel, a renowned Private Investigator, to take on the case and bring back his daughter.


Lokshin Bioskop: The Spot

PG13 V, L Sun 24 Jun 02:30

Two ambitious friends wash cars for a living. They dream of one day owning a successful carwash, but there's someone who's standing in the way of that dream.



13 V, S, L Sun 24 Jun 04:00

An assassinator is given an assignment to take out his boss's enemy, but when he falls in love with the target, his boss decides it's time he's taught a lesson.


Usathane Akanaqiniso

13 N Sun 24 Jun 05:00

A doctor's failing marriage pushes him to embark on an affair with another woman, only to realise that the woman is not who he thinks she is.


Lokshin Bioskop: Four-Four...

13 V, S, L Sun 24 Jun 06:00

Starring songstress Mara Louw, this drama about jealousy, greed and murder sees five wives of a wealthy taxi boss in the middle of a bloody battle for his riches.



PG13 L Sun 24 Jun 07:00

A young wife is keeping a secret about the paternity of her child, but things get complicated when there's a request for an ancestral ceremony to be done.


Uthando Luka Baba

13 V, L Sun 24 Jun 08:00

Two families have been enemies for years. When their children fall in love, old wounds are reopened.


Impi Ka Thandazile

13 V, L Sun 24 Jun 09:00

An emotional drama that follows a young woman living with albinism as she faces challenges in her life.


Lokshin Bioskop: Who's The Father

13 V, L Sun 24 Jun 10:00

A sangoma looks forward to celebrating his favourite daughter's birthday, but then a shocking revelation about the paternity of his children turns his world upside down.


The Stick Up

16 V, L Sun 24 Jun 11:32

A young man is bored with his job at a run-down petrol station, until two masked men arrive demanding something they call 'Daisy'. What exactly is Daisy?



13 V, S, L Sun 24 Jun 12:30

After her husband cheats on her with her own sister, a young woman decides to give them another chance. Unfortunately, her sister isn't one to give up easily.

Fantasy Drama

Owami Nami

13 L Sun 24 Jun 13:30

An insecure young woman turns to muti to stop her boyfriend from pursuing another woman, but she gets more than what she bargained for.



13 V, L Sun 24 Jun 14:30

A young boy starts hearing people's thoughts after receiving a bracelet from his late grandmother.


Lokshin Bioskop: Jozi Hoods

13 V, L Sun 24 Jun 15:30

Louw and Mpho are in love and planning to get married and start their lives together. An unfortunate incident, however, changes their plans slightly.



13 V, L Sun 24 Jun 17:03

A lust for power, growth and riches pushes a married woman to introduce her husband to the world of witchcraft, but little does he know that the stakes are quite high.



13 L Sun 24 Jun 18:00

A conflicted housewife embarks on a journey of self-discovery when her parents force her to host a ceremony for her daughter - against the wishes of her husband.


Masemola Is Coming

16 L Sun 24 Jun 19:00

Friendship and crime collide in this movie about a young man who is determined to follow his dreams, despite his harsh reality.


Lokshin Bioskop: Shampoo's...

PG13 L Sun 24 Jun 20:03

Lokshin Bioskop: Shampoo's Retirement Village. An entrepreneur visits his home town to build a retirement village.