TV Guide


Lokshin Bioskop: The Saints

13 V, S, L Mon 23 Apr 20:30

The head of the maximum-security prison decides to create an isolated cell block for all the intelligent and cunning prisoners to separate them from the other inmates.


Inkinga Uben

13 L Mon 23 Apr 22:00

What began as a mission to stop her husband's wandering eye turns into a journey of self-discovery for a woman in a polygamous marriage.


Ben 9

13 V, S, L Mon 23 Apr 22:58

A struggling young man receives a lump sum of money from the bank. He goes on a spending spree - but then his anonymous benefactor arrives with a nasty surprise.


Pushy Passion

13 L Tue 24 Apr 00:30

A film about second chances. After losing his father, life becomes difficult for an ambitious young man. He then decides to follow his passion by becoming a soccer player.


Lokshin Bioskop: The Legend

PG13 V Tue 24 Apr 01:30

A self-titled legendary jazz saxophonist wants to relive his 'glory' days and launches a jazz club, but under pretentious circumstances.



13 V, S, L Tue 24 Apr 03:00

An assassinator is given an assignment to take out his boss's enemy, but when he falls in love with the target, his boss decides it's time he's taught a lesson.



13 V, S, L Tue 24 Apr 04:00

After her husband cheats on her with her own sister, a young woman decides to give them another chance. Unfortunately, her sister isn't one to give up easily.


Ke Summer Boss

PG13 L Tue 24 Apr 05:00

A coming-of-age story about a young boy who steals Mam'fundisi's panties off her washing line on a hot summer day. This sets off a series of hilarious events.


Lokshin Bioskop: House Of Sangomas

PG Tue 24 Apr 06:30

When a master sangoma is called away and has to leave her five undisciplined initiates unsupervised, hilarious chaos ensues.


Lokshin Bioskop: Mogodu Wars

PG Tue 24 Apr 07:33

When Babsie suddenly finds herself unemployed she ventures into business. However, she's competing with the legendary queen of mogodu.


Mme Wa Rona

16 L Tue 24 Apr 08:30

A mentally unstable lady allows her jealousy to get the better of her, resulting in unthinkable actions that destroy the lives of everyone around her.


Gogo Wodumo

13 Tue 24 Apr 09:30

There's a thin line between love and obsession. When an elderly woman's employer loses both his parents, she becomes overly protective, with disastrous consequences.


Uthando Lwababili

13 L Tue 24 Apr 10:30

A young man is caught between his family and his opinionated girlfriend. Is he going to choose the woman of his dreams or stick to what his family wants for him?


Izintombi Zodwa

PG13 L Tue 24 Apr 11:30

A conservative girl leads a group where members vow to stay away from boys and focus only on schoolwork, but then she falls head over heels in love with a boy.


Prince Muzi

13 Tue 24 Apr 13:00

A young woman waits patiently for a knight in shining armour. She hopes he will save her from her dull life with a strict father in the dusty streets of Alexandra.



13 V, L Tue 24 Apr 14:00

A young man is kidnapped and taken to an illegal circumcision school. Together with his fellow initiates, they must fight their way to freedom.



13 Tue 24 Apr 15:00

After the death of his brother, a young man who is secretly gay is forced to marry his sister-in-law to continue the family legacy. Will he succumb to family pressure?



13 L Tue 24 Apr 16:00

A young woman receives a rude awakening when the will her father left reveals that she can only get her inheritance after she gets married.


Lokshin Bioskop: Mashonisa, The Dragon

PG13 V, L Tue 24 Apr 17:00

A 50-year-old mashonisa forces everyone to take part in making his childhood dream come true: starring in his very own action movie.


Secret Recipe

PG Tue 24 Apr 18:30

When a new B&B opens right next to his own place, a man is envious as everyone seems to like the new one better. He devises a plan to get the secret recipe.



13 V, N, L Tue 24 Apr 19:30

A hardworking woman is thriving in both her personal and work life. However, she's forced to re-look her life when she loses everything.


Diary Of A Playboy

16 V, L Tue 24 Apr 20:30

When a young girl gets pregnant by her abusive father, her brother swears revenge - only to have someone beat him to it.