TV Guide


Imali Yegazi

13 V, L Fri 17 Aug 20:00

A group of actors gathers together to investigate who killed one of their colleagues.


Unkosikazi Wokuqala

13 V, L Fri 17 Aug 21:30

A timid young woman with big dreams is forced to marry a man who is in love with her younger sister.


Lokshin Bioskop: Surprise!

PG Fri 17 Aug 22:28

A woman is so hungry for the stability of family, marriage and love, that she desperately tries to keep and nurture a loveless relationship.



13 L Sat 18 Aug 00:00

A fast-paced drama that sees a young woman attempt to hijack and deliver one last car to her boss, but ends up falling in love with her last victim and his family.


Lokshin Bioskop: Life Ye Skorokoro

PG13 V Sat 18 Aug 01:00

Life for Mapholoba and Peter gets complicated when they open a package that belongs to two notorious criminals.


Lefu La Bholo

13 L Sat 18 Aug 02:00

A selfish, spoilt, rich young man is taught about fate and consequences after he recklessly runs over someone during a big night of drinking.


Lokshin Bioskop: Mo Money Mo Problems

PG Sat 18 Aug 03:00

Hardworking man's joy at getting a job soon turns to torture when his greedy girlfriend, lazy brother and well-meaning mother all fight for his cash.


Uthando Luka Baba

13 V, L Sat 18 Aug 04:00

Two families have been enemies for years. When their children fall in love, old wounds are reopened.



13 V, L Sat 18 Aug 05:00

A dedicated young wife's life spirals out of control when she discovers her husband's infidelities.


Inhliziyo Yethu

13 V, L Sat 18 Aug 06:00

A dedicated wife crosses the line when her husband gets bumped off the top of a heart transplant waiting list.



13 V, L Sat 18 Aug 07:00

A young girl and dedicated policeman go on a frantic search for her sister after she disappeared during the annual reed dance.


Lokshin Bioskop: Reflections

PG13 L Sat 18 Aug 08:00

This is a love story, and just like a true love story, the people involved have to face many obstacles on their journey towards happiness.


Lokshin Bioskop: Houseband

PG Sat 18 Aug 09:30

Thrown out of his home and office, a corrupt ex-mayor has nowhere to go but to his ex-wife, whom he scorned in favour of a trophy girl.


Lokshin Bioskop: The Spot

PG13 V, L Sat 18 Aug 10:30

Two ambitious friends wash cars for a living. They dream of one day owning a successful carwash, but there's someone who's standing in the way of that dream.


Lokshin Bioskop

PG13 Sat 18 Aug 12:00

'S1/E1 - Vacancy'. Where Norma comes from, success for a woman means finding a husband and settling down. But she wants more. So she ventures into the heart of Jozi to build a career.


Lokshin Bioskop

13 S Sat 18 Aug 13:00

'S1/E2 - Neli And Veli'. After meeting Veli, the man of her dreams, Neli thinks she has finally met her soul mate, until he introduces her to his mother!


Lokshin Bioskop

PG Sat 18 Aug 14:00

'S1/E3 - Molly's Mojo'. Molly has sworn off dating players, but her resolve is tested when she meets and falls for the king of their kind - testosterone oozing Sydney.


Lokshin Bioskop

PG13 V, L Sat 18 Aug 15:00

'S1/E4 - The Furies'. Five city women meet in an isolated cabin for an anger management seminar that promises to change their lives forever. Then things turn violent and bloody.


Izwe Lami Nawe

13 V, L Sat 18 Aug 16:00

A young gay man is in love with one of his classmates. However, his father is putting pressure on him to marry a girl from his neighbourhood.


Lokshin Bioskop: When Love Hurts

PG Sat 18 Aug 16:59

The night before her big wedding, a woman learns that her fiancé's best man is an old flame of hers, causing old emotions to come rushing back. What will she do?


Tell Me Sweet Something

13 S, L Sat 18 Aug 18:33

Maps Maponyane and Nomzamo Mbatha make an unlikely couple in this SA romcom. A bookstore owner falls for a male model yearning to be loved for his mind, not his body.


She Is Pregnant

16 V, L Sat 18 Aug 20:03

Two youngsters have a one night stand in the heat of a moment, a one night stand that will not only alter their lives forever, but the lives of their families too.