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Sharon Zulu

Lindiwe Ndlovu

Sharon is a Zulu soldier, with over 25 years experience in law enforcement. She is the right hand to Governor Beauty and has developed a thick skin, towards inmates, towards people. She’s the last born of 3 sisters, the one who is not married, and has no children. She has little education and is a stubborn bully, who has only ever worked in prison.
She loves her job and her power which fills the emptiness she feels at home even though it’s a full house of females. Sharon is only loyal to money, so when Sibongile offers the big bucks, Sharon happily executes. Even though corrupt, Sharon believes she’s doing what’s best for herself and believes she’s upholding the law. She watches Alphi and the other wardens take bribes from the inmates and it sickens her, she wants to clean up the system, in her own favour of course. She’s hypocritical and delusional about her intensions.