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About the show

KFC TASTE KITCHEN, a new ​reality ​cooking competition that takes home​ cooks on a journey of innovation & explosive taste​, has found a home on Mzansi Magic​. Over 13 weeks, 11 teams of 2 home cooks will compete against each other to create the most innovative authentic South African side dishes that complement KFC’s delicious original recipe chicken. The hope is to inspire a new range of localised KFC sides. ​E​ach week will be filled with nerve wrecking challenges that will test their creativity and innovative spirit. The series will also serve as a great platform for different South Africans from all walks of life who have a passion for cooking with the ultimate winning duo taking home ​R1 million.

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S1 | E1
28 July 19:00

'S1/E1 - 1/1'. Teams of home cooks compete against each other to create the most innovative authentic SA side dishes that complement KFC's delicious original recipe chicken.

Coming Up on KFC Taste Kitchen

When challenged to create a dish that’s both sweet and savoury, will the contestants rise to the occasion, or fall flat on their faces?

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