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QUIZ: How faux-innocent are you?

Are you living in the moment like Lethu, guilty until proven innocent like Mabuyi or are you more like Sihle, where memory loss came in handy?

28 June 15:33

They say that the road to evil is paved with good intentions. This means that even the best of us have a dark side. So how far will you go to get what you want? Are you the type to uphold the rules, bend them or just downright break them? Take the quiz to find out!


      1.Your favourite artist is in town and you get one invite from a friend and another from a suitor? Which invite do you accept?

  1. Take your suitor and revel in the experience of both your fave and your crush. Kill two birds with one stone.
  2. Take your friend because she asked you first but pine over your what could’ve been with your would-be bae.
  3. Ditch your friend and tell her that she is out of your league on this one.
  4. Figure out who can give you the bang for your time spent.


  1. What is your definition of making it?
  1. Conquering your enemy and being free from bondage. Freedom is a gift.
  2. Helping those less fortunate than you. You have a giving heart.
  3. Money and power. There is something oddly satisfying about seeming better off than everyone else!
  4. Always being a step ahead of the rest.


  1. What is your definition of love?
  1. I am a seductress so if love is about achieving your crush, then count me in!
  2. I am a self respecting care-giver. I would love a husband and a family of my own very soon.
  3. Love is great and all but if it’s not taking me to the next social and financial level, then I don’t want anything to do with it.
  4. Love is about unflinching loyalty because a woman is the neck that supports the head of the house.


  1. You’re caught under the mistletoe with your friend’s lover? Do you kiss him or her?
  1. After one look in my eyes, it’s my friend’s lover who’ll be doing the kissing!
  2. I might hesitate but I’ll kiss him or her passionately. Then berate myself afterwards!
  3. Yes! My friend never did deserve him or her. This is a clear sign from the universe!
  4. I don’t kiss other people’s lovers. I have standards.  


  1. You’ve been caught red-handed? What do you do?
  1. Keep quite and try look all innocent.
  2. If this happens to me, it’s most likely not my fault so I’ll explain this.
  3. Look all perplexed and fake my own memory loss.
  4. Crawl into the ground and die.  


  1. What are your weaknesses?
  1. I don’t handle rejection very well.
  2. I am entrusting, gullible and naïve.
  3. I struggle with being genuine and honest about my feelings.
  4. I don’t trust easily.


       7.How would you handle being lied to and betrayed?

  1. Shocking. Perhaps they didn’t mean to? I like giving people the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Withdraw and avoid the person.
  3. Brush it off pretentiously – they never did deserve my time – but plan their demise in secret.
  4. Confront them in the streets, call them out and hurl a bucket of dirty dish water at them. 



Mostly A’s: Lethu

You’ve seen your fair share of tough times and want to live in the moment, because life is short and one must live it like it’s golden. You’re friendly but often don’t care what other’s may think of your actions.

Mostly B’s: Mabuyi

Bless your kind heart. Your beauty comes from within and you wish everyone the best. You are a care-give and wholesome lover and people are drawn to your down-to-earth demeanor. You try act right but are too often caught in compromising positions that make others question your character.

Mostly C’s: Sihle

You are a go-getter. Ambition is what drives you and you know what you’re destined for. You are prepared to do whatever it may take with the power and money you may have amassed to get what you want. Money is no obstacle for you.

Mostly D’s: MaKhanyi

You are a seasoned strategiser! You know your way around social situations and have an esteemed reputation to uphold. You are also a conversation starter - if also a stirrer - but aren’t very good at handling your emotions. You are thus prone to emotional outburst but you counter than with a strong will and sharp wit.

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