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Greed And Desire

161 Reality 16V
26 March 16:30
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Signs of a revolution gone wrong

Is Maru arrogance costing the Makhethas?

25 November 09:00

The Makhetha hotel is falling apart at the seams. But is Maru really the only person that can save it? After causing so much trouble to begin with, it’s hard to see how he could do any good for the image of the hotel.

But is Morakile any better at leading the family? He counted his chickens before they hatched after Maru agreed to hand over leadership to him to save the hotel. Maru, however, did as he does and changed his tune after Morakile gloated. Sadly, Mary hadn’t signed on the dotted line.

At this point Maru is hanging onto his leadership for dear life. After being moving to the township and being cut off financially, this is the only power that Maru has.

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He may be down but he is not out. Confident that the family will come running back to him Maru has enlisted none other than Zondo to incite the staff to strike and cause disruption at the hotel.

Meanwhile it appears Thakane has thrown in the towel.

Who will save the Makhethas now?

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