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Wedding Day Hairstyles for all!

Whether you've got natural hair, extensions, a weave, a wig or dreadlocks! Here are great hairstyles for the big day!

09 February 11:55

Knowing what to do with your hair on a normal day can be hard enough. One your wedding day, things can get even trickier. What with the pressure to look ones absolute best, it can seem that hair as we regularly know it, just will not be good enough. However, whether you're a wig, weave, natural hair, relaxed hair, extensions or dreadlocks kinda girl, there is a haristyle to que that mesmerising bridal glow! 

Short Hair

It seems pretty standard right? If you're a lady who rocks it short, your only option is to keep it short or get a wig. Not so! The simplicity of short hair means you can play around with gorgeous statement accesories or get that perfect trim with a hint of colour. Short hair frames and brings out facial features and there's nothing like your partner seeing all of you on the day they commit to being with you forever. 

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Big curls

Big hair is making a major come back from the 60s and it's sure to take over weddings too! Gone are the days of only having silky sleek and plastered down hair on your big day. So whether your hair is naturally big and curly, or you get it weaved braided and glued on...big, curly and wavy is beautiful too!

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Solange propped out the afro for her wedding day and it will be hard to find something more beautiful in wedding fashion and hairdos. So get out the coconut oil and shea butter and work on that mane for that look!

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The updo for dreadlocks is a perfect and trusted mainstay for wedding day hairstyles, but you can push things a little. Take out the curlers and let your dreads hang pretty to the side or falling whimsically around the face. 

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WIgs and Weaves

They are the trusted looks for every big day and with the choices they provide no wonder they remain a wedding favourite. They can be braided, styled, up-do or down, whatever the desire, wigs and weaves just work. 

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