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Trapped out, locked in

Both MaZet and her daughter land themselves in trouble.

23 February 12:40

MaZet may no longer be behind bars but she is far from home free. After fleeing prison by the skin of her teeth, she is now a fugitive trolling the streets in disguise. The escape plan was marred in mishaps and misfortune. Mental illness saw Slender hurl herself over the edge and Monde just couldn’t make it back in time. MaZet had little choice but to leave her behind.

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But freedom is clearly not all it’s cracked up to be on the outside either. While MaZet went to every extreme to get out of jail for her daughter, Nkuli found herself on the wrong side of the law thanks to petty crime. It was only a matter of time before the cops caught her.

Sent to the same prison out of which her mom just escaped, Nkuli is locked away for pickpocketing and stationed in Block A.

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What is Mazet going to do when she learns that her daughter as been incarcerated? Will she turn herself in?

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