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Tough luck

MaZet's only hope out of jail dies along with Alphi.

08 February 11:31

Years and years of good behaviour went down the drain in one moment of cruelty. MaZet was all set. Set for her release. Set to see her daughter again. Set for freedom. At long last.

But not if Sharon had anything to do with it. Both her and Sibongile – who would rather kill than see MaZet come out of prison.

Sharon lures another warden, Alphi, in a corner, stabs him in cold blood and blames it on MaZet. All of this on the night before her release. MaZet swears she’s been framed but it’s her word against Sharon. The judge adds a new charge onto MaZet’s record. But it is a charge of attempted murder and not murder, because Alphi didn’t die. MaZet would hold onto this in the hope that Alphi would wake up from his hospital bed and tell the truth.

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But hope was terribly shortlived as the malicious Sibongile snuck into Alphi’s ward where he lay fighting for his life. Naturally she put an unceremonious end to it. And very tragic start of MaZet’s murder sentence. Something that she didn’t expect.

Is this truly the end for MaZet?

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