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The Ranakas: Visa Denied

Caught between his sisters and his fiancee, Ziggy had to let someone down.

20 January 11:16

Siblings have a unique bond. Siblings are the friends you don't get to choose; the ones you don't leave at the bus stop every afternoon, but take home with you so the antics never end. They are the friends you don't get to ignore and give the silent treatment after a fight, because you'll have to ask them to pass the salt across the dinner table. 

They are also the people you default to for guaranteed fun, especially if you have a lot of them. The Ranaka siblings geared up for a siblings-only road-trip, and as hard as it was for Mpumi to pin all of them down and get them to commit, once they did, excitemement levels rose. 

Then there was Ziggy. Ziggy who has just popped the big question. Ziggy who had just rounded up the elders and declared his intent to cleave to Michelle for the rest of their lives, forsaking all others and putting each other first. So when Michelle, instead of granting Ziggy a Visa, decided she wanted to come with, Ziggy found himself between the devil and the deep blue sea. He took a chance and arrived in Leondale, Michelle and bags in tow, but his sisters were having none of it.

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In the end, he had to honour his siblings' wishes and leave Michelle behind. But he left her a friend to keep her company - his bank card! 

Tune in to The Ranakas next week Thursday at 20:00 to see the siblings go on their trip. 



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