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The Ranakas: Strong Enough

Ntate Ranakas gives a lesson in love that stands the test of time.

24 February 09:08

When love is new, it's fiery and intense. With that fire and intensity comes excitement and a thrill that makes it so addictive and all-consuming. After years and years of being with your loved one, it's no unusual for that fire and thrill to wane, and it's an easy feeling to miss. That's exactly how Mama Siba felt last night. After over 30 years of marriage to Ntate Ranakas, she was starting to miss that ol' feeling. After all, she still is a woman, and feels she still wants to be romanced and wooed, even though she was won decades ago. 

She sat down with Ntate Ranaka to pour out her heart. it could have been easy for her husband to appease by her promising her date nights, poetry and surprise bouquets of flowers, but he didn't. He disarmed her in a different way, letting her know that young love is like a pot of water on a stove, heating up and eventually boiling over. But eventually, that water cools down and settles into a comfortable warmth, and tha's exactly how their love had become. It had boiled over in its youth, but now it has simmered down and it mature, needing no further decoration in any way. Swoon!

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