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Saving Lethu

Will Lethu ever be free?

11 May 14:00

Not very long ago, Mpiyakhe was lost in the mountains of Bhubesini, his mind, senses and body under the siege of fiendish surrogate, Mgijimi. Having resurrected this troubled inner spirit in order to find his children – who were kidnapped by Ngwenya in an all out war – Mpiyakhe was trapped inside Mgijimi. The danger that he may never return to his old self after bringing back Mgijimi, became very real.

Indeed Sengwayo was lost out at sea. The River Queen was the only person to which he was drawn. The only force that was able to lure him in. At first, Zakithi – who found Mgijimi piled over a bleeding wound and nursed him back to health – was convinced the river queen, Nonhlanzi’s intentions were to seduce Mgijimi and drown him. Instead she turned out to be his saving grace. She did what Mehlo failed to do. She cast out the spell of Mgijimi.  

But there was more to the River queen. She too was spirit inside which a girl was trapped. Her name was Lethu.

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Someone had worked a cruel bout of witchcraft on Lethu. Made her into a lifeless mute for their own selfish gain. This man who bewitched her was Hlatshwayo and the Sengwayo was determined to save her, just like she’d saved him.

But rescuing Lethu spelled the beginning of a war. The question however is, why is Hlatshwayo so fixated with Lethu? Will she ever be free of this spell?

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