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Saints and Sinners: Can You Feel the Love Tonight

What David says and what David does seem to be two different things.

06 February 09:59

Love is a terribly incovenient little bugger. It creeps up where it's not expected, not needed, and sometimes where it really has no business being. It takes captive the strongest, and takes down the biggest. Those shot by cupid's arrow may try to deny what they feel, but attraction can get so strong, it's almost tangible - visible to the whole world.

Boni and David had the painful yet necessary conversation about the nature of their relationship. David drew a line in the sand, letting Boni know that all there was between them was a student- lecturer relationship. Boni was visibly hurt, but knowing she could not have reasonably expected them to run off inot the sunset together, accepted the rejection as gracefully as possible.

David really cares about his students. He goes the extra mile to make sure they come out of the other side of their degrees adequately prepared to be hard-hitting journalists. He even puts himself in the line of fire, going beyond the call of duty, to make sure his students get their story. But wait, he only does that for Boni. 

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Where there's a damsel in distress, whose name is Boni, David will be there to be a valiant hero. Oh David, your slip is showing. 

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