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Papa Penny Ahee: Family Fire

She hardly speaks above a whisper, but last night, Mama Nommy roared!

09 March 09:24

It is said that opposties attract, and while there hasn't been any conclusive evidence of that old adage, we've seen it in the pairing that is Papa Penny and Mama Nommy. He's bold, brazen and exuberant, and she on the other hand, is soft-spoken, gentle-natured and every bit the delicate flower. 

She may be daity and quiet, but last night, Mama Nommy showed that she can be a lioness when it comes to her family. While out shopping for a new whip, Papa Penny almost signed on the dotted line for a brand new, bright red two-door coupe, even though insisting that the purpose was to purchase a family car. Not on Mama Nommy's watch. She stood up to Papa Penny and put her foot down - there would be no second Penny Penny Fire, this time, he had to buy a family car. When the car salesman asked if he should bring the keys to the coupe, Mama Nommy didn't miss a beat; "Don't even bother, we're here for a family car." Like a deer in headlights, all Papa Nommy could do was acquiesce, and give up his dream of the litte red whip. Roar, Mama Nommy! Happy International Women's Day!

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The motion was tabled, but it was denied before even being discussed!

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