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Love Story: Mpumi and Joseph

He asked for hand again and again until he got a yes.

11 June 19:00

Mpumi and Joseph have known each other since they were both youngins in their church youth group. They would call and text each other as friends and co-labourers in the faith, but now and then Joseph would mention matter-of-factly that he would like to marry her, which Mpumi dismissed at the typical talk of young men. 

It wasn't until 2016 that Jospeh initiated a serious talk to declare his intention to marry Mpumi. He called her up and told her he had something of great importance to discuss with her. He broke it to her that he thought it was time he settled down and got married, and his heart was set on her as his wife. Mpumi cryptically responded that if that was the case, he could "cry tears of joy", a statement Jospeh didn't know was indicative of an acceptance or rejection of his proposal. Going on the assumption that it was a rejection, he refued to accept it, and persisted in his attempts to persuade Mpumi to give him her hand in marriage. 

It was his persistence that led Mpumi to consider that perhaps Jospeh had been sincere in his proposal. From then on, she observed him carefully, assessing his behaviour and character to decide if he was what she wanted for the rest of her life. Joseph had proposed in July, and after four months of intense scrutiny, Mpumi finally acepted his porposal in November. 

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