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Lockdown: Back in the slammer

Has Nkuli sold out?

16 March 12:28

When Nkuli landed herself behind bars she clearly had no idea just how thing work on the wrong side of freedom. A naïve young girl with a naughty attitude she is fast learning that she may not be as street-smart as she’d hoped. 

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So clueless she was that she was tricked by Beauty into ratting out her own mother for a burger and fries. The very daughter for whom Mazet risked her life and innocence, fleeing from a maximum security prison, set her up for complete failure.  

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Back inside, MaZet struggles to face the music after she sees that her own daughter. She also must face the harshest treatment for even trying to break out of prison.

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Nkuli is conflicted. How was she to ever know that Beauty was buying her trust with a leftover burger meal and coke?

Can she stay out of trouble? Where to from here? Can she fix things for her mother?

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