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Lies and marriage

Where these birds of a feather ever in love?

08 March 11:47

The moment Maru learned that the real father of Baby Bonngoe wasn’t him, nor the real mother Tselane – was tough on him. How could Tselane do this to him? But, he should also ask himself, why would she not?

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Lies and secrets have been at the very foundation of Tselane and Maru’s relationship. From Tselane keeping his secret about strangling his own father to death, to her lying all they way through her pregnancy. She’s even failed at an attempt to poison him very recently.

But did love ever live here to begin with?

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Maru certainly must’ve trusted Tselane for him to sign over all his wealth like that. Or was it a moment of desperation? Another way he was trying to run away from the consequences of his actions?

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The divorce proceedings are swaying in favour of Tselane and the way things are looking Maru might just walk away a pauper. Can he run away from this?

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