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Student life in the Jozi is not what they thought it was.

13 April 12:20

For every action is a reaction. But does every helping hand demand the sale of someone’s soul?

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Simlindile and Zamani are new to the city. They are here to better their lives and unlock the shackles of hardship through education. They soon learn, however, that Jozi is not for the faint of heart.

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Zamani gets help from his cousin, who we know is also one of Zwelibanzi’s goons. While he took him in and offered a wad of money to help him buy his textbooks, it’s difficult to tell if he’s got Zamani’s best interests at heart.

Desperate for a place to live and far from street smart Simi accepts the help of Palesa’s family as goodwill. Little does she knows the secret that lie behind the lofty walls of the rich and greedy.

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Has she walked into a trap? Will Zamani stay true to his goals?

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