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Does love live here?

Has Claudia chosen money over love?

20 April 13:38

What is the deal with Mr and Mrs Motaung? If Zwelibanzi isn’t peeling the skirt of every lady with his wandering eye, Claudia is fielding texts containing nudes that allude to her husband nursing unbecoming extra-marital affairs.

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But it seems to go beyond petty cheating – although Banzi is excelling in this department. The issues run deep. Claudia has a history with Banzi’s brother Kero. The pair were romantically involved, but this was many moons ago.  Now what’s left is a sense of regret and contempt. Love certainly doesn’t seem to live here.

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The skeletons in Banzi’s closet are threatening to come out. His mistress is set on ruining his already shaky marriage by outing him to Claudi.

The question however, is will Claudia do anything about it? Is she in any sort of position to be making demands of her husband with the history she has with Kero? Has Claudia chosen money over love?

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