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Beastly or Brave?

Awakening the dead and dangerous.

09 March 12:45

Sengwayo’s escape from prison seems to have all been in vain as everything continues to spiral out of his control. A plan that was crated to the T to manage risk has gone up in smoke and has in fact, ended in the worst case with Judas kidnapping nearly all of Zungus children.

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But could it be that Sengwayo shot himself in the foot? Could he have had a greater sense of urgency in seeing the escape plan through to it’s end?

Before we knew it Ngwenya was launching a follow up attack on the Zungu homestead, one more savage and unbridled. Judas holds the whole family ransom as we speak having abducted Manqoba, Jabu, Melusi and Thokozani.

Everyone has his back against the wall as Judas refuses to see reason. The only way he’ll ever end this war is when he gets what he wants: Nkabinde and Lerato. But what kind of person would Sengwayo be if he handed Lerato over to the monster that bewitched her? This, however, is the only exchange Judas is willing to make for the Zungu kids.

There is another way though but this way entails revisiting a horrific other-worldly past. Sengwayo may just have to risk the ultimate: his life and sanity to go back to being umkhovu.

Is this the only solution?

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