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A marriage of healing

Sizwe is haunted by his mother who was also his former wife. Can his new wife bring the healing he needs?

10 May 14:00

It was the ultimate and traumatic disgrace and tragedy but also a prophecy fulfilled. Now, it all haunts Sizwe and it seems he can't focus on leading in his new position as chief. now, a light may have entered his life. Can a beautiful wedding and a new beautiful wife help him begin his healing? 

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Sizwe was reluctant to marry saying he was not quite ready. However, with the Cethe people killing his Ngoqo people there was little he could do but to bind the two nations together through marriage. With healing brought to his land it seems it may take more than marriage to bring healing to Sizwe himself. His mother who was also his former wife still haunts him. He has no relief. 


In a beautiful traditional Xhosa wedding ceremony Sizwe was brought together with his new wife and she was named KwaKhanya to bring light into the royal house. Just the night before, Sizwe had sleepwalked to the river following Nomazwe. Can healing a king be as simple as marrying him off? Even if KwaKhanya is the right woman for him? Or will KwaKhanya be embroiled in his difficult and tragic life?

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While Sizwe tries to heal himself his nation is being killed and is at the mercy of Mcethe who not only kills to strengthen himself but to remove anyone in his way. He ic convinced he is entitled to the throne and is slowly getting Zinzi wrapped around his finger. Will Zinzi be his next victim? How much longer can Mvezo play along with Mcethe's ploys? 

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The battle is on all fronts, physically, spiritually and in Sizwe's head. Can he get himself well and focused for the sake of his people? Or is too much to ask for a disgraced and traumatised king? Is Mcethe the rightful leader and will he rise to the throne? 

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