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5 things to learn from M-Net's epic 30th Birthday!

Throwing a good party is a skill and there is much to learn from the spectacular M-Net celebration!

23 December 17:01

There is no doubt that M-Net's 30th Birthday Celebration was one for the books! From fabulous famous faces to perfect performances, it is the party of the year! It seems M-Net is the best in all kinds of entertainment. Here are five party tricks and lessons to take from the amazing event! 

1. Have something magical to celebrate! 

M-Net has been making television magic for Mzansi viewers for 30 years! That is definitely worth celebrating. 

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2. Have an awesome cake! 

The M-Net birthday cake was pretty as a picture and a fairytale! A fitting symbol to share in for a magical channel! 

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3. Since we're talking about cake, make sure you have great food too!

M-Net knows a lot about great television and, as the birthday event would show, it also knows a lot about great food. Everybody tasted a bit of magic at the beautiful event! 

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4. Have decor on point! 

It was a stunning event not just becasue M-Net has achieved so much, but becasue the space was also just as beautiful as M-Net's 30 years!

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5. Invite your fabulous friends! 

What is a celebration without a few beautiful, supportive and talented friends to wish you well and another 30 years?

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6. If you are the best in entertainment like M-Net... have the best entertainment at your party. 

M-Net did not skimp on the entertainment with legendary performaers like Lira and Idols winners Khaya Mthethwa and Karabo there too! As well as hologram visit by Trevor Noah! 

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Want to see all this magic in motion? Tune into the M-Net Birthday Event this Sunday at 14:30 on Mzansi Wethu! Remember to stay tuned to DStv channel 161 for the best in entertainment. You can also follow Mzansi Magic on FacebookTwitterInstagram and WeChat

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