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A young policeman in apartheid South Africa believes he’s helping his people. When his son joins the anti-apartheid movement, he finds himself torn between his family and duty. Starring Danny Glover.

For Colored Girls

Each of the women portray one of the characters represented in the collection of twenty poems, revealing different issues that impact women in general and women of color in particular.

Ocean’s Eleven

A charming conman plans a major heist straight out of jail. He recruits 10 people to rob Las Vegas of $150 million.

Taxi Ride

12 September at 21:00

Taxi Ride is a tale of things typically South African. In this story we follow Phanuel at a taxi rank that he is not familiar with. He spends an hour waiting for his friend to meet up with him as arranged. In this hour, he meets people, some with different levels of amazement.

The Secret Laughter of Women

The Secret Laughter of Women at 19h00

Nimi leads a peaceful life in a female dominated Nigerian community - until the arrival of author Matthew. Unmarried with a young son, Nimi's status is frowned upon. When the handsome Reverend Fola moves into town and shows interest in Nimi, it is like a godsend for Nimi's mother. At last, she has the opportunity to marry off her daughter and regain her family's respectability, or so she thinks. While Nimi has become resigned to marrying the unexciting but respectable Revered Fola, she is still very intrigued by Matthew...
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